31 March 2011

How Does This Even Happen?!

(Please read Failure and Oh, Diapers before pursuing this post.)

I've been washing my cloth diapers differently, again, and using the remains of my Allen's detergent. At night, I put on the Huggie's Naturals disposable diapers and that seems to be working just fine. The other day, I decided to put another set of disposables on them after I took their nighttime diapers off just for kicks. When I took those diapers off to prepare them for their naps, I noticed that Piper had peed only once or twice and Heidi hadn't peed at all (in about a 3 hour span) yet she was RED. WHAT?! Granted, this was no where near the caliber of what we've been experiencing, but it was certainly redness that didn't need to be there. Remember, this was a disposable diaper that wasn't even wet! How does this happen??

On the bright side, the coconut oil has just about cleared both of them up completely. What is left of the rashes they had is hardly noticeable at all, which makes me very happy.

Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions too quickly or I just need to vent about how seeing that redness made me feel. Honestly, though, what else is there? Will I have to potty train both of them right now? Should I follow Heidi around with a bucket? Hook her up to a catheter (yeah right, can you imagine that? Ha.)? Yes, I'm feeling punchy, please don't hold it against me. :)  


  1. Ugh! I am so sorry diapers have been giving you (and your girls, of course) so much trouble! Maybe you should just stick with using the coconut oil for every change if it seems to be working so well. Although, I suppose that wouldn't work with the cloth....nevermind, I dunno! I'm sorry I don't have any advice, but I reeeeeeeeally hope the diapers quite being such a pain in the butt (no pun intended.....tee hee) really soon! :-)

  2. Thank you. They seem to be doing OK right now. I'm waiting until I visit my mom's next weekend to go to Jillian's Drawers and get some Sensiclean to strip with because that's the one for the most sensitive skin. Then I'll take it from there.... :)

  3. Hmmm. Have you tried liners? I have Imse Vimse flushable ones that I can use regular diaper cram with the cloth dipes. There are also fleece ones out there (I think they're basically a piece of cloth cut up into diaper size bits). I have no idea. I'm sorry you're having problems. That would be incredibly frustrating.

  4. I have the Imse Vimse ones too, but I always neglect to use them. We've been doing OK with a new wash routine and disposables at night, but if something happens again I'll need to remember to use the darn liners. I do use wipes as barriers when needed with creams and stuff.