01 April 2011

It Could Have Been Worse

Heidi was awesome enough this week to give me multiple opportunities to take pictures of things that could have been a lot worse. In one instance, it did get worse.

First, what we see here is pasta sauce. I did not see her do this as it happened in a matter of seconds (of course) and yes it is the same wall as the ketchup from last week.

Next we have something equally as special. At first, I was very concerned that this was crayon and not washable marker. Fortunately for me, it was the latter and it came off with a damp cloth. Unfortunately for me is that she did it again all.over.the.hallway. Though it was again washable marker, I'm still scrubbing to get it off of the more coarse areas of paint.

What have I learned from this? Firstly, all the markers are now in an unreachable place. Second, these things are not worth stressing over, even though we do not own this place. I cleaned the pasta sauce with one part water/one part vinegar and it is barely visible. I'll worry about it some other day. The washable marker is, well, washable. Even if it wasn't, it probably wouldn't be the end of the world because if worse came to worse, we could just paint the walls. Essentially, I have more important things to worry about.

If you had some moments this week that could have been worse, whether or not you have children, please feel free to link up. You don't have to include a picture, just a few sentences will suffice. Let's help everyone put things into perspective and help ourselves realize what really matters and what doesn't.

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