13 March 2011

Tonight Was Boring

Every so often, we fall into one of those days where cooking just isn't an option. However, since we are working towards a goal during this Lenten season, not cooking was not an option. Instead, I gave Heidi and Piper what I call a hodgepodge dinner (because I do this often) including turkey, brown rice and sugar snap peas. Later on, Steve and I had grilled wings and french fries because we are so healthy. Sometimes, you just have to go the easy route with food because so much else in life is terribly complicated and draining.

If you are interested in how Steve prepares our grilled wings, take note. While on the grill, Steve bastes the wings twice with wing sauce. Then, once they are off the grill, they get tossed in the remaining sauce. To make the sauce, Steve buys a large bottle of Frank's Red Hot and throws several spoonfuls of minced garlic into it to marinate. When he's ready to make the sauce for the wings, he simply pours a lot into a bowl and adds butter. If you want to fry your lips off, add a squeeze of lemon juice into the sauce and it will burn like mad. I, however, like to have taste buds after eating my wings so I prefer it sans lemon.

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