19 March 2011

Meh...I bought Some Cascade

This is a follow up post to 'Try it in Your Dishwasher,' so if you haven't yet read that, click here.

Yes, I caved in and bought some cascade. I know I should wash my pots and pans by hand, but I hate the idea of slaving away over the sink when I could be doing something else more important. Thus, I throw everything that isn't wooden into the dishwasher.

The homemade detergent did a find job on regular dishes (plates, cups, bowls, most silverware) but really failed to get any of my stainless steel clean. I tried adding some kosher salt to the mix (as an abrasive, a tip I found somewhere), but that did not make much difference. Maybe I should have tried using less of the detergent, something I may try in the future, but for now I want to keep things rolling smoothly. Washing something twice is certainly not economical and I prefer to use the dishwasher because I know it is more efficient than I could ever be.

On a brighter note, I decided to use the mixture I have left as a 'dishwasher boost.' Both of the ingredients in the homemade detergent are laundry boosters, so why couldn't they boost the power of dish washing detergent as well? And if THAT doesn't work, well, I'll just have to eat it. :)

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