15 March 2011


As I stated in a previous post, I like to balance our meals over the course of a week so that we don't have too many heavy ones in a row, nor too many light. Since last night's meal was a bit more heavy, I knew I wanted to base tonight's dinner on vegetables. I also like to rotate pasta, potatoes and rice around so we're not having the same starch several days in a row (I love my starch!) so that is how I landed on tonight's hodge-podge-esque dinner.

I've been wanting baked potatoes for a few days now, so I cut a bunch of them in half and stuck them in the oven at 350. I also wanted to roast some brussels sprouts so I threw them in too. You can roast at any temperature, but the lower it is, the longer your roasting time, obviously. Since I figured that Heidi and Piper would not be interested in the brussels sprouts, I steamed the remaining green beans I had leftover from the Shepherd's Pie for them. Interestingly enough, they both found the crunchy leaves of the brussels sprouts to be good enough to eat. Then I knew we needed some sort of protein, so I made lentils. I didn't have any broth so I just used water and I have to say, it wasn't my best work. Piper enjoyed them though :). Plus I made too much, so it looks like I'll be eating lentils with potatoes and brussels sprouts for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. :)

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