06 April 2011


Heidi loves riding the tractor with my mother!
Beginning Friday 8 April, I will be journeying to my mother's home in NY. As a result of this journey, my blog posts may be fewer and far between. Please don't fret; I will return to the groove eventually, hopefully with lots of new and exciting information for you, not to mention the creative writing for Hoffman Week.

Do feel jealous, however, because I will be visiting the fabulous Jillian's Drawers and Mama Goose while in town, the latter of which will likely be providing H & P's spring/summer wardrobe. Can't wait to tell you what I find/do!

My mother's front porch last October (first snow sighting!)


  1. Hope you have an awesome trip, and yes, I am very jealous about the Jillian's Drawers and Mama Goose! ;-)

  2. Yeah you better be! ;) j/k :)