25 April 2011

Hoffman Week, Day 1: Writing Skills

For day one of Hoffman Week, I focus on my writing skillz (and yes, it is that way on purpose). If this were an assignment, I might call it a reflection paper or a journal. Technically, I might also include it in the current Natural Parenting Blog Party, but I don't wanna push it. :)

The Essence of a Sleeping Child

I wish I had your face of peace. Your lips have never spoken an unkind word while mine have said many things that could be taken back. Your brow floats atop a sea of perfect skin while mine furrows and bends with worry, thoughts and concerns. Your closed eyes have not yet seen death, sadness, injustice or tragedy, while when I close mine sometimes that is all I see. When you sleep, you leave the physical realm and journey deep into your beautiful unconsciousness, commune with your higher self and refresh for your awakening. When I sleep, I don’t want to wake up.
Heidi as a newborn.

When do we lose our sleeping peace? Is it when we start working, suddenly have money to handle and the weight of the world falls on our shoulders? Is it when we enter high school and find out firsthand just how cruel humans can be to one another? Or is it when we first become aware that the world we entered into isn’t perfect, that we are surrounded by flawed, imperfect people who impart their personal conflicts upon us?

Surely, you are wondering how this childhood peace can be recaptured and once again sleep (and live) in tranquility. What is the simplest way to do this? Learn by doing; be at peace.

Make peace with your debt; it won’t be with you when you’re dead. Make peace with the naysayers because they don’t cry when you’re sad. Make peace with yourself. You weren’t designed to be perfect and you never will be; It’s best to just accept it.

What is the essence of a sleeping child? A sleeping child is peaceful because she has no belongings to weigh her down. A sleeping child does not concern herself with what other people are saying because it does not serve her higher purpose. A sleeping child is perfect because she is not trying to be.
Piper - about 3 months old.

Let go of everything in your life that does not bring you peace. Focus on the image of serene slumber and let it be your mantra. Think peace.


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