01 January 2012

What I See for Myself in 2012

In lieu of resolutions, I've decided to create a list of visions of what I see for myself in this new year. This is not a "want" list because I do not like to surround myself with those types of feelings, but rather it is a list of things I would like to have in my life and I intend to visualize them with me. I would love to hear a similar list from all of you.

In short, this is what I see for myself in 2012:

A cupboard full of tea: I greatly enjoy drinking tea and though you may think I only drink peppermint (this is moderately true), I do occasionally like other flavors. I would like to have a huge variety of tea available for myself and for any visitors that I may have. Lots of tea = lots of happy people.

A second freezer: I've wanted another freezer for over a year, ever since we moved and left our previous second freezer behind. I keep visualizing myself putting batches of muffins, vegetable stock, breads, berries, farmers market vegetables and more into a lovely second freezer.

Prosperity: I love this term because it can represent monetary prosperity, but it also means so, so much more. I see an exorbitant amount of prosperity for myself this year, in as many ways as it can manifest (and I see the same for you!).

Happiness: I'm sure I don't know anyone who doesn't want to be happy, so I suppose this is sort of a given. Nevertheless, I'm seeing myself happy for the entire year.

A garden: I'm really debating on whether or not I want to even attempt to create a garden this year since the last year just wasn't productive in the slightest, but I'm leaving it up to Divine Order. I see a plentiful garden of unsurpassed bounty from which I can freeze and feed the masses. Or my children.

Do tell me what you see for yourself in this new year.


  1. I am focussed on just one word this year: Abundance. I believe that it is how we meant to live.

    (And let`s get together for a cup of tea, shall we...)

  2. Abundance is an awesome mantra.

    Do you like peppermint? :)

  3. Ah, I love your approach to the whole new year thing. And prosperity - yes, please! I definitely hope all of these things for you, and more.

    As for us, I see an easy transition from our island life to a new home, and I see a healthy pregnancy and beautiful birth. It's going to be an exciting year!

  4. Love your vision! I hope you experience it all!

  5. Absolutely Melissa! I see those fantastic things for you too :)

    Thanks Charise!