24 January 2012

This Is What My Week Looks Like

Please bear with me....

8-9 am: I teach class #1.
Afternoon time: My mother arrives.

8 am: Drop Heidi off at preschool.
8-10 am: Prepping for class/office hours.
10-11:30 am: Teach class #2
12:30 pm: Pick Heidi up from preschool.

8-9 am: Teach class #1.
10-1:30 pm: Work my other part-time gig.

8 am: Drop Heidi off.
8-10 am: Class prep/office hours.
10-11:30 am: Teach that second class.
12:30 pm: Retrieve Heidi.
Afternoon: My mother leaves

8-9 am: Teach 1st class again

Working that other part-time gig if I'm not traveling.

In other words, my free time has gone from "minimal" to "bare minimal," which would explain my lack in all things that are not class/child related. Just know that I'm still here and will be bringing you the best of the best as soon as...umm...what was I doing again?



  1. It sounds busy, but I hope it's good! No matter how seldom you find time to post, I'll still think of you every time I see a shark :)

  2. So my question is, where does Heidi go to preschool and do you like it? I want to get Colin in somewhere for the fall but I'm not even sure where to start!

    PS You still blog more than I do with my lesser work schedule!

    1. She's going to the daycare center on Marywood's campus, but I believe it is restricted to faculty/staff at Marywood, St Joseph's center and some other place and then occasionally alumni of Marywood. It's really highly recommended though, the whole building is "nut free" and we aren't allowed to send anything that has even been processed in the same facility as nuts and the classroom is developmentally appropriate. The kindergarten is Montessori, which I'm really excited about. So far I'm liking it and I think she is too. She likes putting her lunchbox in her backpack and prancing into the school :)