07 January 2012

The Gratitude Post

I'm writing a weekly post to express gratitude for everything I have been blessed with in my life. Will you join me in sharing just five things you are grateful for this week?

This week I'm grateful for:

Getting the glass: From time to time, I freeze bits of leftover soup that I'm tired of eating because I know I can use it again one day. Recently I took three or four of these bits of leftover soup and put them together to make one monstrous pot of flavor. While eating this soup, I retrieved a small piece of glass from my mouth and was puzzled since this is not one of the ingredients I use regularly. First, though, I praised all things to be grateful for that I was the one who got this piece of glass and not one of my munchkins. Next, I remember using some frozen butternut squash for one soup I made that was in a jar that broke, which apparently means I didn't get the glass off of it like I thought I had. Don't use food that was in a broken jar? Yeah. I know.

Piper: My 21-month-old recently decided to start potty learning. Well, I have "caught" her BM's on a potty before many times, but it was never her idea. It is now her idea. She tells me she "hap pee (has to pee)" and then...she pees. On the toilet. And wipes herself. It's pretty rockin'.

A working stove: This is something I have really taken for granted in the past and I am prepared to make up for that by saying that I would really, really be grateful if my stove worked completely. No good? OK, I'm really grateful that I have a stove at all because without one, I'd be in quite the pickle, but I would be even MORE grateful if it worked completely. Really.

A second class to teach: I finally got another class to teach, bringing my grand total to two! I'm very excited to be teaching two different classes starting early January and I hope I can excite my students as much.

Not having a phone: Mid-December my phone, resting in my lap, fell to the ground as I stepped out of my car and shattered. OK, the glass shattered, but it was still relatively difficult to use. I sent it in to receive a replacement phone, but my replacement phone was "damaged" in transit and a whole ton of paperwork ensued in order for me to get a new, new phone. In other words, I was without a cell phone for over two weeks. And it was amazing. I felt like I became a better mother without it and I had so much more time on my hands. I was also inspired to get a house phone so I can turn my cell off during the day except when I leave the house. I'm always thankful for my phone, but I'm also so thankful that I had that time to be unreachable.


  1. Do you freeze in glass jars. I've been meaning to ask that question - what all you awesome moms with freezer stashes of food store things in. I want to put away some freezer meals but can't think past ziploc freezer bags and disposable aluminum pans, which are not things I want to use!

    But anyway, back to the subject at hand, I'm glad no one in your household ingested glass, and hooray for self-directed potty learning and another class to teach!

  2. I did freeze in glass jars, but also in Pyrex and I do put muffins in Ziploc bags cause I can't think of another way to do it? I do have one set of 'BPA free' plastic containers with screw on lids that I also use. From now on, I will be sure to check that a container says "freezer safe" before putting it in :)