01 December 2011


The month of December is upon us and with it, a whole hoopla of stuff to do. In other words....

I'm taking the month off from blogging.

Shocking, I know, since I've been blogging like every day for the past two months...*snark*

I have plenty of reasons for doing this, but at the top of my list are:
1. Making Christmas presents: I will probably be hand making everything I give (and if not, *almost* everything), so I need some time to do that, especially considering that a certain someone has a birthday at the beginning of the month as well.

2. I need to prepare for my class: I'm teaching in January and with all these gifts I'm making, I probably won't have a lot of time left for preparations. I need to devote whatever time I have to reading, composing a syllabus and doing some sort of math to make grades for these people. I hope they like it.

I will probably resume gratitude posts on Christmas weekend, since my gifts *should* be made by then (!!!!), but if I don't, know that they will certainly return by the new year.

I appreciate your understanding in this matter (cause of course this is a formal business letter) and I wish you all the happiest and best holiday season filled with gratitude and joy. :)


  1. :( I will miss reading your blog!!

  2. Good luck with the presents and preparing. I know how much is going on for you and your family right now and you deserve the break.