25 July 2011

Things I Love #4: Things He Loves

The only reason I am including this item in my series of 'Things I Love' is because I, too, have grown to love it. It is, however, first and foremost the love child of my husband. He will literally track it down all over the county when he has a craving and the closest Wawa that carries it is out. What is this magnificent item you ask? It is none other than Honest Tea's Half & Half.

It was about a year ago or so that I was first introduced to the wonder that is iced tea mixed with lemonade. Both Steve and I started going crazy for it, buying huge boxes of iced tea and lemonade just to mix the two together. That obsession waned for a while, but Steve continued to pursue every lemonade/iced tea mix he found looking for a dream recipe. He found it in this.

If you can find this beverage anywhere, please try it. Not only is it organic and the bottles are made to be more "sustainable," there is hardly anything to the drink at all. One hundred calories and 12 grams of sugar. No crappy ingredients, just real stuff. It's so pure, I don't even mind if my children have sips here and there. Nor would I mind if they drank it occasionally when they're older. It is one of the few drinks out there that I can really stand behind (besides water).

While I do not love it with nearly as much enthusiasm as Steve does, I find it to be a pleasant, refreshing change from the monotony of water and I look forward to his regular splurges on half a dozen or more bottles. Do find it and try it; you won't be disappointed!


  1. Mmm, we used to bring lemonade mix and tea on camping trips. It was good cold during the day and hot around the camp fire. What a great drink!

  2. I'm so obsessed it's ridiculous.

  3. ok im not normally the one to post a "how i make this" kinda thing but I too love this drink and there is a mexican place here that sells fresh made with mint and its soooooo fing good. so I boil tea with fresh mint and honey on the stove let it chill and mix it 50 50 with lemonaid. i NEED to have it everyday!

  4. That sounds AWESOME! Steve doesn't like mint, so I'd be all over that ;)