01 July 2011

Monthly Meal Plan - July

Somehow, it feels like I just did this, yet here I am again writing the meals for an entire month. This time of year just goes by so quickly! I really enjoyed having my monthly meal plan last month because it helped me to only get the things I needed at the grocery store and also prevented me from having to think too much about what was for dinner. I might not always stick to it, but having it up on my fridge is a really big help!

July 1 - Naan pizza, salad.
July 3 - Baked Pasta (probably Quinoa pasta), salad, garlic bread. (because I'll have leftover cheese.)
July 4 - Hot dogs/hamburgers, potato salad?
July 5 - Lentil ragout, broccoli.
Heidi kept asking me to draw random things.
July 6 - Cilantro Lime Noodles with Shrimp.
July 7 - Big salad with chicken.
July 8 - Sauteed greens with beans and rice.
July 11 - Fish (probably flounder),  pilaf, salad
July 12 - Homemade wimpies, fries, cole slaw.
July 13 - Three bean chili (from freezer) over rice, salad.
July 14 - Stir fry with noodles.
July 15 - Oven puttanesca sauce over something...
July 18 - Curry over rice.
July 19 - Eggplant pizzas.
July 20 - Beef stir fry with bell pepper, carrots and snow peas over brown rice
July 21 - Pasta, salad, garlic bread.
July 22 - Fish, vegetable, potatoes
July 25 - Dim Sum (Going out on a limb!)
July 26 - Jambalaya
July 27 - Pad Thai (Another limb!)
July 28 - Fajitas, Spanish rice
July 29 - Vegetarian Shepard's Pie

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