08 July 2011

The Gratitude Post

I'm writing a weekly post to express gratitude for everything I have been blessed with in my life. Will you join me in sharing just five things you are grateful for this week?

This week I am grateful for:

Air Conditioning: It has been in the upper 80's and low 90's all week and I am so very thankful that I can walk into a cool apartment after being outside. I truly feel for those who cannot.

Thunderstorms: Nature's way of cooling things off is quite ingenious. I love thunderstorms because they make me happy and I was very grateful to have a few this week to break the heat.

Shannon at The Artful Mama: She is my new partner in crime as I enter into my new role as Review/Giveaway Editor and I am very grateful that I'm not doing it alone, especially in these early stages when we don't know what we're doing!
Over 100 Facebook Fans: I really don't know how this happened. One minute, I had about 20 or so and the next minute I was in the 80's and now I just passed 100! And by that I mean, of course, 101. Every time I see that someone else 'liked' my page, I think to myself, "Why are you still liking me? The giveaway is over!" But they keep coming! Thank you so much!

Skype: I just got on skype a week or so ago so I could talk to Shannon and Dionna (NPN co-founder) about our new roles and have really been enjoying it! It is so nice to talk to be able to talk to people you normally only communicate with through text and be reminded that they are real people behind their computers. Add to that the bonus of a working webcam and video chat and I'm a happy camper!


  1. Love it! Congratulations on the new role at NPN. They're lucky to have you <3

  2. I, too, am very thankful for air conditioning! :)(and thunderstorms! they are awesome!).

    Looking forward to jumping back into the gratitude with ya next week. :)