02 July 2011

The Gratitude Post

I've come to a point in my life where being thankful is not simply a habit, it is a need. It is because of this demand, I have decided to hold myself accountable to being grateful via a weekly, public post detailing what I was thinking about that week. I hope that this will help me become more thankful in my daily activities and I hope to inspire others to feel the same. If you would like to join me, think of a mere five things for the week (or more!), write them up, post them and add to the link-up below. Thank you for helping me bring back genuine gratitude.

This week I am grateful for:

Bloggers. When I started blogging, I never imagined how many like-minded people I would find and appreciate. Now, I just wish I could meet all of them in person, or that we could live in a commune or something.

Natural Parents Network Volunteers. When I started volunteering on a whim, I hardly expected to find actual friends, people I wanted to talk to and communicate with on a regular basis and people I would come to value in so many ways. It's truly amazing how the Internet has allowed all of us to come together as a community all our own. Without it, we might never have know of one anothers existence to begin with.

My Church. I haven't felt this good at a church in a very, very long time and I am so grateful that I not only found but made the leap to attend this church on a regular basis.

Sharks. Either you know, or you don't.

My Credit Card. I hardly ever use it, but every once in a while when I need something and I'm not sure where the money is going to come from, I remember that I have it and I feel happy. 


  1. I'll join that commune! :D

    We've been awful about going to church lately...and I know it has an effect on our attitudes that isn't a great one. We're planning on seriously making the effort tomorrow. :)

    Thanks for inspiring gratitude Amanda!

  2. Thank you, Kelly!

    HA! (Amy)

  3. I had some user error with the linky, and it is listing my full name. I don't know how to remove or edit it, any chance you could help me out with that?! Thanks!

  4. Hmm..Shana, the site says that there should be a red X by your link where you can delete it yourself, but I do not have that option. Do you want to see if you have that? If not, I will just delete the whole thing and re-do it because it's only Kelly that would have to re-add and I can bug her into doing that :) (or do it myself).

  5. Hmm, I'm not seeing what it says I should be seeing. No links with usernames and no red x by my link. I tried 4 different browsers and 2 different computers. Not sure if one of my settings is wrong or what. :(

  6. OK Shana, I'm so sorry you're having so much trouble! I'll see what I can do. :) Thank you for trying!

  7. How about that? Is that OK? (That was easier than I thought it would be, so I'm sorry again that I asked you to look for that elusive red X.)

  8. Thanks Amanda! I'll definitely be more careful in the future!