23 February 2011


I use vinegar for everything.

Let me repeat that: I use vinegar for everything.
What is everything, you may ask? Well I first heard about the use of vinegar in the laundry a number of years ago from my Aunt who used it to soften clothes and remove detergent residue. I have always been very sensitive to detergents and I used to itch like crazy from anything but All Free and Clear. However, I liked my All Free and Clear so I never tried to vinegar trick. It wasn't until I started using cloth diapers that I began incorporating vinegar into my life.

It began with a simple pour of vinegar into the rinse cycle for my diapers. Then I poured it into the rinse cycle for my regular clothes. After that, I discovered several websites that detail the amazing qualities of vinegar and I started experimenting. I bought a huge bag of baking soda at Sam's Club in addition to the two gallons of vinegar they sell and I started cleaning.

I poured vinegar into the toilets and let them sit overnight, scrubbed them in the morning and discovered that they do indeed sparkle. I poured some baking soda down the drain in the tub and followed with vinegar for some foamy cleaning action. To scrub my stainless steel stove, I made a paste the same way by spreading out some baking soda and spraying it with vinegar. Oh, did I mention I bought a spray bottle to contain my new all-purpose cleaner?

I spray the high chairs and trays, the counters, the cutting boards, the floor, the fridge, the bathroom sinks, the table, the chairs, the washing machine, the walls, the carpet, the fridge, and I use it as my rinse agent in my dishwasher. There is nothing I won't use vinegar on (except wood...they don't get along)!

Vinegar is my friend and it can be yours too.


  1. meeeee toooooooo! I use it for everthing!!! Sometimes when we're shopping my hubby will be like, "So do we need any cleaning stuff (he means chemical-plentiful stuff)?", and I'll say, "Nope. We still have lots of vinegar and baking soda at home"! :-)

  2. haha, awesome! Steve makes fun of me all the time and especially when I say I'm running out of vinegar...we have to get to Sam's Club immediately to get another two gallons!

  3. Haha. I'm right there with you! I use it as my hair rinse as well :) My husband jokes that I'm like the guy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but vinegar is my Windex. It really is amazing stuff! A shot of ACV for heartburn is another good one.

  4. Yes! When I was younger my mother gave me apple cider vinegar in water whenever I had a stomach ache...works great!

  5. I absolutely understand your vinegar addiction. It's my magic potion for everything, too!