05 February 2011

Swollen Lymph Nodes

I've got 'em. Still.

A week ago Steve started feeling feverish and achy. Two days later he was found to have acute bronchitis. That same day, Heidi got her first fever since she started getting teeth (which was right after she turned one) and I knew she was also achy because I could hardly touch her without her crying. She'd also have random bouts of crying, seemingly out of no where, presumably from the aches. I was doing so well with this until I didn't sleep that night. Between Heidi waking up unusually and Piper waking up as she usually does, I might have gotten 2 hours of sleep. Thus, I succumbed to whatever this was and I'm still having trouble kicking it. Heidi is fine; she was only sick for 2 days. Piper never got sick at all. Steve is fine, though still coughing here and there. I no longer have a fever or aches, but I can't shake the cough, the lack of energy/tiredness, and odd appetite.

I have so much to do yet no energy to do it. Go away crappy feeling!

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