22 September 2011


This post was written for inclusion in the Mindful Mama Blog Carnival hosted by hosted by Kelly of Becoming Crunchy and Zoie of TouchstoneZ. Participants are writing posts about what mindfulness mean to them. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.


Given that I am in the midst of my own mindfulness challenge right now, one would think this month’s carnival topic would be easy for me. I should certainly know and understand what mindfulness means to me because if I didn’t, I would not be able to hone my mindful practices. Yet in this moment, I find it difficult to really pinpoint what mindfulness actually means to me and therein is my answer.

I am in this moment, writing, typing and listening to Foster the People on YouTube. In this moment, I’m peeking at the Emmy’s because Hugh Laurie is presenting an award and he is worth looking at. Now, I’m thirsty and I’ll reach for my glass of water, take a sip and feel the cool liquid slide down my throat, my esophagus and into my stomach. A few of my fingers are wet from the condensation. In this moment.

This is mindfulness. It means that I am not worrying about what tomorrow will bring, what food I will make or whether or not an apparent blockage in my kitchen piping will be fixed. I’m not thinking about how late I was to church this morning, how it would have been better for me to get up earlier or how I could have spent a lot more of my time searching for jobs.

It was an effort for me to think of each of those things because I had to reach out of the present moment where I’m listening to the typing of my fingers and the smooth talking of some British guy on TV. I don’t like to do that because it causes all sorts of unfortunate feelings of “regret” and worry that I do not wish to have in my life. Instead, I look intently at my screen, as it stands right now. I glance down at my hands when I don’t know what to say next. I look over at the TV when it distracts me. I switch windows when I need to break up my thoughts.

This is mindfulness and what it looks like moment to moment.

It means that I live now. Not yesterday or tomorrow, ten minutes ago or ten seconds from now; just now. Mindfulness is this moment and nothing else. Live it.


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  1. Isn't it amazing how painful it can be to disconnect from the important/enjoyable things we use to distract ourselves to this moment? There's always something to avoid feeling or thinking about, but it's really only this moment being experienced that is real. All that forward and backward thinking isn't really real-but it can occupy the majority of thoughts.

    I've been enjoying your series this month. It has given me much to think on and practice. I appreciate you sharing your journey on your blog.

  2. I feel right along with you in this Amanda (wish I was listening to Foster the People right now, though ;) ).

    So often in my life I've looked to the past or or future while letting this moment pass me right on by...it's still more of a habit then I would like it to be, though I feel I'm finally starting to get there.

    Appreciate you sharing your journey mama :)

  3. Thank you Zoie. It is so, so true. Mindlessness is so easy and so comfortable, but such a waste of time and energy. Thank you for hosting this carnival again!

  4. Awesome. This is real life mindfulness to me. Those moments where you are just fully in the moment mean everything.

  5. I have really had to train my mind to stop thinking about *the next thing*. With 4 children in our home, there is always a lot going on, and it is easy to ignore it all by thinking about what we have to do *next*. I've learned to just let whatever happen *next* take care of itself and bring my mind to the moment of NOW.

    Very nicely written, Amanda.
    P.S. I also really enjoy your Gratitude posts.

  6. I really liked this post, Amanda! You narrowed mindfulness down to such a simple concept, and I needed to read this. This kind of awareness of all the things that are happening in the present moment is something I struggle with, too, but it's a very useful and helpful exercise. I need to be more aware of this. Thank you!

  7. Thank you, Patti :)

    Totally right, Amy! It is an "exercise" anyone can do to really feel what mindfulness feels like, whenever we need that reminder. Good idea :) Thanks!

  8. So simple. It really is!

    Reading this, I noticed the feeling in my hands, the sounds around me, and the quality of the dim light.

    It kind of makes me grateful to be alive!

  9. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Living in the NOW. Such a tough, tough thing to do as a mama. However, NOW is the most important moment at any given time. Your children don't care about the future AT THIS MOMENT and to them, the past is the past. NOW is what matters. NOW is what we know we have. And we need to make the most of it.

    Thank you for such a simple reminder that mindfulness is really about living moment by moment...mostly! ;)

  10. I'm slowly learning to enjoy the moment. It can be a tough job when there are always a million things I should be doing right now. But, then, if I weren't playing cars, doing a puzzle, or looking at a really cool stick on the ground, I'd be somewhere else and my kids probably wouldn't be enjoying these moments, either.

  11. Lovely.

    Right now I have a stomach ache. There's no running away from it, either physically or mentally. But goodness my mind certainly is trying to get away from it....

  12. Mmm....yes. It's funny how our bodies can remind us to be in the moment in ever so subtle ways... :)

  13. Living in the Now...uggghhh... This is something I often struggle with; and something I often feel guilty about because I can't seem it get it "right". But as I read your post, I tried to practice it. As I'm commenting, I'm trying to practice it. I've got a ways to go, but I've also come a long way. Thanks for sharing!