24 January 2011

Things I Love #1

I've decided to start a series of posts entitled, you guessed it, 'Things I Love' to give those of you who read this a better idea about who I am. Of course, once I get further into the series you may start to wonder if I really am just one person or a combination of multiple personalities masquerading as one individual. Now I know you're dying to get to the root of this post, the first little known thing I love, so I won't keep you in suspense any longer.

I love history. I LOVE history. I know, crazy, right?! Who loves history besides the people who major in it in order to teach or...what else does one even do with a degree in history? Who knows? Why? Because once everyone is done with history in school, it is never thought of again. I, on the other hand, love history (did I mention that already?) and strive to learn more of it as often as I can.

Before I go any further I must make one thing very clear: I am not even close to being anything remotely related to an expert in history. Please do not mistake my love of history for a vast array of knowledge. I know a lot of small, random facts and tidbits, about some topics more than others, but there is such a vastness that I do not know I'm almost ashamed. What I do know is passion. I have a passion for what was, the things that have passed in order to make all of us who we are today. I have a passion for spreading that knowledge to others because I believe in the importance of learning from others' mistakes. I can only hope to ignite this passion in my children and help them enjoy learning about history as much as I do.

(In the future, I may refer to specific historical events or places that I have grown to 'love' so much that they deserve their own post. Feel free to skip those.)

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