20 January 2011

I Forgot to Cut My Toenails

A lot of people have a problem with feet. I can see that. I mean, they are a bit odd looking if you really think about it, but I think they get a bad rap. Some people have foot fetishes, which may or may not creep most of you out. Irregardless, that is not what I intend to focus on, so let's move on.

We don't think about our feet very much, but why is that? They might just be our most important body part, next to our hands, since they provide us with so much mobility. We stand on them. Some of us stand on them all day long. We rely on them to help us carry our children, laundry, grocery bags, books, and dishes from one place to another. We use them when we are in a hurry, crossing the street, chasing after our kids, scurrying to class, or getting to our car so we can finally go home. Sometimes we stomp them when we're angry. Sometimes they leave the ground when we jump for joy. When our beliefs are threatened, or our ideals challenged, we grind them into the ground like roots to hold us down. They don't just get us from Point A to Point B, they get us from unemployed to employed, student to graduate, homeless to homeowner, and single to married. Your feet brought you to the love of your life.

I am starting from the ground up, using my feet as the basis for this new venture because they are my stability, my rocks, what I depend on 24 hours a day without even knowing it. I have real feet, clearly in need of some maintenance, but this is my metaphoric foot. The foot upon which I stand; My first "real" post. It isn't that ugly, is it?

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