25 June 2011

The Gratitude Post

I am on a quest to be thankful until I absolutely exude gratitude. Join me in sharing just five things you are thankful for this week. Thank you for helping me bring back genuine gratitude. 

This week I am grateful for:

  • The Farmers Market! The one closest to me finally opened and I got so many great things the other day.

  • The Daily Word. I love reading the day's message to Heidi and Piper and they usually enjoy it so much they ask me to read it again. And again.

  • My Monthly Meal Plan. Even though I haven't been following it to a T this pas week, it is so nice to have a piece of paper on my fridge that tells me what to cook, or at least gives me an idea of what I could cook. 

  • Artichokes. Really. I love them so much and I am so happy that right now they are readily available for me to consume. 

  • The complex we live in. We get to use the pool free of charge and there is a small, fenced-in playground just a few steps from our townhouse that I take Heidi and Piper to frequently. It's really wonderful to have these amenities so close to us.


  1. Every single time I see artichokes I think of you. Every time.

  2. I second your gratitude for the the Farmers Market! It's one of my favorite things about living where I live!

  3. That makes me very happy, Stephani ;)

    I'm still jealous of yours Kirsten since you have it all the time... :)

  4. Thank you for doing this, Amanda. I remembered at the last moment.

    Will you be doing this every week on a particular day?

  5. awww didnt get around to it again this week. : (
    I have got to join in next week. : )
    I love reading yours and the linked blogs lists.

  6. I've been so inspired by your last couple of posts! What a wonderful way to inject some positive energy into the week. I'll try to participate regularly!

  7. Yup, Zoie! I'm going to be doing it every Saturday but I leave the link-up open until Monday night.

    That's OK, Sasha... you have a lot to do!

    Thanks, Shana!