02 May 2011

Ithaca Finds

While visiting my mother outside of Ithaca, NY, I was able to get a number of fantastic things. First up, at Mama Goose, I got all of this stuff for free! What? Yes! I was able to sell some older clothes and things to them and I took store credit in return, allowing me to walk out with some new things for Heidi. Plus, I still have a little left over for whenever I get up there again (or if my mother wants to use it), which always makes me happy. I'm cheap so spending as little as I possibly can on anything I buy is my main goal.

PhotobucketIf you are ever in the Ithaca area, I would definitely recommend going there if you have children or are pregnant. They carry both used and new items and everything is usually in really good condition. It's also a really great store for grandparents to go because everything is really cheap and they can go crazy buying nice clothes for their little ones. Example A: My mother purchased 2 dresses and 2 skirts (one each) for Heidi and Piper because they were there.

I was also lucky enough to get to the Ithaca Farmer's Market, a place that has no equal for me yet, and I purchased some awesome blue/purple potatoes to have for Easter dinner. Naturally, there was really minimal stuff at the time I went there (plus we also go there right before they were closing), but I still enjoyed seeing all the evidence of people who truly care for nature and natural living. It annoys me, though, that this farmer's market opened in the beginning of April, yet I cannot seem to find one around me that opens before the end of May and where I live is 10 degrees warmer!


Finally, I visited Jillian's Drawers. I cannot emphasize their awesomeness enough. They are awesome! They have everything: cloth diapers, maternity/nursing wear, quality toys, locally made goods, shoes, slings and carriers, strollers, you name it! Everyone on their staff is equally as amazing, warm and informative, always friendly and willing to help. They have a common room in the store that is used by various groups for meetings about breastfeeding, PPD and even toddler music groups. The employees will often have their children in the store with them and they are also paid a living wage! Even though I hate spending money, I am always proud to give them some because it goes to working mothers who are treated really, really well. Here's what I got:
 I bought a Prorap cover and a Thirsties Duo cover (both used), two locally made mama pads, a set of cutlery for Heidi made from corn or something (I threw the packaging away), a set of spoons for Piper (BPA free) and some more mama pads from Imse Vimse. I was pleasantly surprised by these because I thought there were two in the package but there were three! Once I use them, I will certainly let you know how they work out.

If you ever have the chance to go on vacation to the Ithaca area, I think you will be extremely pleased with what you find. The whole area is very child-centered, Earth-conscious and fun-loving so you will not have a problem finding something to do that fits your lifestyle. Baby wearing and NIP is the norm, as is Organic goods. And they have waterfalls. You can't miss!


  1. awesome stuff! :-) Please do lemme know how the cloth feminine-stuff works out (I've been thinking about trying them someday)...

  2. I will! I'm in the midst of plastic purge and I'm trying to reduce anything and everything I can :) (even though those pads came in a plastic package, haha )