31 May 2011

I Am Enough

Take a deep breath in and let it out. Close your eyes and repeat this to yourself:

I. Am. Enough.

Let this be your mantra this week (and hopefully for weeks to come.) Say it with me again:

I. Am. Enough.

Repeat it as often as you need to: in your head, out loud or scream it if you have to.

You were created, crafted to be the person that you are. You were made on purpose. How could you not be enough when you were made to be enough?

On a daily basis, most of you are struggling with your own worth. For one reason or another, you have lead yourself to feel as though you're a bad person, mother, wife, sister, citizen or something else. Today I tell you, you have a choice. You no longer have to feel this way. You can choose to believe and know that you are enough.

 If you read yesterday's post about removing certain words from your vocabulary, you might also have started to practice the art of forgiveness, specifically yourself. When you forgive yourself, you acknowledge that you are enough and accept that everything you have ever done has also been enough.


In forgiving yourself, knowing that you are enough, you will teach your children the exact same thing. Teach your children that they are enough and they always will be. But remember first:

You. Are. Enough.


  1. Beautiful. Thank you for this, and for yesterday's challenge. I often think about how important it is that I raise my daughter to feel that she is enough, but it will be a much greater challenge if I don't give her the example of a mother who appreciates her own worth. Thanks for bringing this topic to the forefront for me. It's an important one!

  2. You are welcome! They don't tell you to put your air mask on first in the plane for nothing! ;)

  3. thank you for this!!! I am always my worst critic, constantly judging myself and wishing I could do more, be more.