26 May 2011

Crystal Children

As my good friend Amy over at Nom Nom Yum can attest, it is difficult for me to go anywhere in public without someone stopping to tell me how beautiful my children are. I am accepting of such compliments, but when it's literally every five feet in the grocery store, I start to get annoyed. All I want is to get my shopping done! Leave me alone!

Anyway, I do have a point here. A few weeks ago while we were participating in grounds keeping at church, one of the parishioners asked me if I knew what crystal children were. I was unfamiliar with the term but she said that without a doubt, my children were crystal children.

PhotobucketSo what are crystal children? I've looked at several websites and though they all say somewhat different things, one general idea is that crystal children are like indigo children, souls who are here to help bring peace and balance to all of us. What a beautiful thought.

There are a lot of people who believe that the Mayan "apocalypse" scheduled for the end of 2012 is not the end of the world, the end of civilization or some catastrophic event but rather a collective change in consciousness. Some believe that these children, crystal children, indigo children, rainbow children, are the individuals who will catalyst this global event. This website explains this with slightly more detail (minus the specific 2012 date).

Here are a few reasons why I think my children might be more special than I already think they are:

- Piper attracts a lot of attention, even more so than Heidi. People seem to be drawn to her wherever we go. She makes them smile and stop and talk to her, always generating positive, happy feelings.

- Heidi must say 'Hi' to every living creature that she sees. She has no fear of rejection and shows no discrimination. When we walk along the canal, or anywhere really, I'd say she gets a positive reaction from at least 90% of those she engages, while the others ignore her (I used to ignore children before I had them because I had no desire to talk with them.)

- While at a wedding reception in October, all of the children were dancing on the dance floor. Since Piper was 7 months old, I sat her down at the edge of the floor. Immediately every single child in the room came over and formed a half-circle around her, just looking at her. It was quite the site to see. That same evening, one child in particular hung around us a lot, continuously asking if she could hold Piper. Throughout all of this, Piper remained passive, calm and pleasant.

- Heidi said 'Hi' when she was 3 months old. I am fully aware that it could have simply been a coincidental and perfect expulsion of air from her mouth that sounded like 'Hi,' but it was real to me.

There is another more scientific suggestion out there that some children, born after 1980, have new genes not previously seen in humans. It is believed that these genes regulate the brain in some manner; those who believe in crystal or indigo children know this to be evidence of their telepathic or psychic abilities. You might want to watch this documentary, which explains this more in depth.

Why am I being so vague in this post? Well, as you may gather, there is very little "real" evidence about this subject and there is not a lot of agreement across websites about the definitive characteristics of these children/people. Many say that children are often misdiagnosed with autism when in fact they are crystal children who have nothing wrong with them at all, they just have trouble adjusting to this world.

If nothing else, these ideas provide very interesting concepts to ponder. To me, a lot of what is described about these individuals makes sense; as to whether my children belong to this elite group I'm still unsure. Perhaps they will continue to be identified as such throughout their lives or I will simply know that this is who they are.

Do you have a crystal child or children? Are you an indigo child?


  1. I was (and am) definitely a "never met a stranger" type. It scared my parents when I was little because I'd walk up and engage ANYONE in conversation. This served me well when I switched schools about once per year growing up. (Make friends fast or not at all!)

    I don't know that I'm crystal... probably not. I don't think people are drawn to me on their own. I just have this ability or skill to approach strangers easily. And once I've broken the ice, people find it easy to open up to me.

    I like the idea that our children are evolving... but hope it has nothing to do with the nastiness of the world (cancers, chemicals, etc.). I fear what we're doing to our species.

  2. Maybe you're Indigo? It's definitely possible... :) That's more your time range anyway ;).

    I think some day soon someone will rise up and say "Enough!" and then we can all move forward and get rid of that nastiness :)