17 March 2012

The Gratitude Post

I'm writing a weekly post to express gratitude for everything I have been blessed with in my life. Will you join me in sharing just five things you are grateful for this week?

This week I'm grateful for:

Abundance: There is abundance everywhere and I continue to be grateful for it.

Great cookbooks: I have two cookbooks that I use on an incredibly regular basis (though I do have many random recipes that I use frequently too) and I am so, so glad that I have these items at my disposal because they help when I'm having a food/creativity mental block.

Bunny crackers: An incredible invention by Annies. Heidi and Piper go crazy for them and I find them to be quite tasty myself.

The halfway point: I love this semester, but I'm very glad to have crossed over the halfway point. The end is in sight.

Spring?: Honestly, this weather scares the crap out of me. But, in good faith, I will be grateful for the turning of the seasons and all the goodness it brings.


  1. I'm always so impressed that you get this up every week! I didn't manage this week, but have a start on Saturday's. Maybe if I get a bit ahead...
    I have a problem with the goodness of Annies bunny crackers! I will gobble them all up in those lovely quiet hours of the night. Too yummy for me.
    And... what are the two great cookbooks you use all the time?! Let's have names!

    1. Haha, I suppose that would help! One is 'Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker' and the other is the 'Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook!' Well worth it! :)