31 August 2011

Guest Post: Emotions Rise

Today I am pleased to present this amazing and beautiful poem by Amy Phoenix of Peace4Parents and Innate Wholeness. Amy is a fellow Natural Parents Network volunteer who somehow manages to exude her peacefulness right through the computer. Please check out her blogs, find her on Facebook and read on to see why she is awesome.
Emotions rise like a toiled soul coming up from the depths of darkness
A well of uncertainty, sorrow, and strife
Angry words spew from your mouth to my ears

Of our hearts racing as the blood rushes through
Our bodies
In response to the pain

I recoil
You resist

Reactive anger has done its damage, again.

Moments pass
The hurt surfaces
Threatening to repeat the cycle in another form

The breath releases
A choice presents

Focus on the pain, or allow it through
Ever so observant
No words
No actions
Only breath
And sensations

Emotions rise to be heard again
Like a geyser from the center of the earth
Deserving the space

To be met
In the moment
With Love

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